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Kyoto Colors is an online gallery of photographs depicting the beauty of the city of Kyoto, the former capital of Japan and home to many cultural landmarks and historical sites.
All the pictures were taken and put together by Designcraft, a Kyoto-based design studio. We simply wanted to capture the scenes that we felt were somewhat impressive – those things that we felt were particular to Kyoto, whether they are historical temples or just fragments of everyday life.

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Design Tote Bag — That Was Zen 

Carry Your Zen Spirit!

US$ 19.99 (plus shipping charge)
To keep your mind at peace, you may need a Zen mindset. Designed with a karesansui stone garden motif, inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic and serene spiritual world, this tote bag from Kyoto, the center of Zen Buddhism in Japan, brings the spirit of Zen with you at all times.
Not to mention as a memento of your visit to Kyoto or for people who have had some kind of Zen experience anywhere, this is an ideal item for those of you who want to carry a sense of calmness with you.
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