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In midtown Kyoto, streets follow a neat grid pattern. Children in Kyoto learn the names of streets by singing nursery rhymes in which parts of street names are incorporated.

People in Kyoto seldom use street address numbers when specifying addresses. Instead, they just use the names of the two cross streets, like "Shijo Kawaramachi." They then specify whether the place is above ("agaru") or below ("sagaru") the crossing point in case of north-south streets or east ("higashi-iru") or west ("nishi-iru") of the point for east-west streets. It is a very convenient way to learn addresses, don’t you think?

Kiyamachi StreetKiyamachi Street

Shinbashi Street, GionShinbashi Street, Gion Tatsumibashi, GionTatsumibashi, Gion Sakaimachi StreetSakaimachi Street Machiya TownhouseMachiya Townhouse Roji AlleyRoji Alley A Little Roof-top GodA Little Roof-top God Hiragiya RyokanHiragiya Ryokan

Nishiki Market StreetNishiki Market Street5x5.pngCherry Blossom on Yanaginobaba St.Cherry Blossom on Yanaginobaba St. Cherry Blossom on Yanaginobaba St.Cherry Blossom on Yanaginobaba St. Old Kaichi Elementary SchoolOld Kaichi Elementary School Kyoto Tower Seen Beyond the EavesKyoto Tower Seen Beyond the Eaves Boozeries Near Shichijo Police StationBoozeries Near Shichijo Police Station Eight Coffee Shop on Teramachi St.Eight Coffee Shop on Teramachi St.