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 Old Kaichi Elementary School

An elementary school used to stand on the other side of this century-old Korai-style gate. In 1869, a year after the Meiji Restoration and the removal of capital to Tokyo, the citizens of central Kyoto, worried about the decline of their city, worked autonomously to establish a network of new elementary schools to educate future generations. A total of 64 elementary schools were established in Kyoto prior to the promulgation of the national school system in 1872. Because of fewer and fewer children, most of these schools have by now been closed or merged with other schools.

This building is the old Kaichi Elementary School and now serves to house the Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History. Some 40 years ago, I attended a kindergarten attached to the school. The kindergarten (the building on the left) is still open.

yoto Municipal Museum of School History(c) Designcraft