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"Ceaselessly the river flows, and yet the water is never the same" — the famous opening line of Hojo-ki (The Ten Foot Square Hut), an essay by the thirteenth-century essayist, Kamo no Chomei, always reminds me of the Kamo River. Not sure if Chomei himself thought of the Kamo River when he wrote the line, but that river has never ceased its flow having witnessed the transition of the city over 1,200 years. The beautiful water of Kyoto, both above and underground, is the source of life in Kyoto.

Kamo RiverKamo River

Kamo River with Mount Hiei in the BackgroundKamo River with Mount Hiei in the Background5x5.pngKamo River Banks Near Matsubara BridgeKamo River Banks Near Matsubara Bridge5x5.pngLooking Southward from Kitayama BridgeLooking Southward from Kitayama Bridge5x5.pngKamo River Banks Near Kitayama BridgeKamo River Banks Near Kitayama Bridge5x5.pngDemachi Yanagi Meeting PointDemachi Yanagi Meeting Point5x5.pngTakasegawa Canal in SpringTakasegawa Canal in Spring5x5.pngShirakawa River in GionShirakawa River in Gion