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Noren are traditional Japanese entranceway curtains hung between rooms or at the front door of restaurants and shops. Shop noren often have the shop name, logo, or family crest on them. As a sort of symbol of the shop, the word "noren" can also stand for the shop’s reliability or quality.

Because Kyoto has many shops selling traditional crafts, foods, and confectioneries-- as well as restaurants—with very long histories, it is fun just to look around at the various designs of the noren and think about the shops’ long and venerable traditions.

Honda MIso ShopHonda MIso Shop

Ippodo Tea ShopIppodo Tea Shop Tanigawa Seijiro Pipe ShopTanigawa Seijiro Pipe Shop Kamehiroyasu Confectionery ShopKamehiroyasu Confectionery Shop Ichiriki Teahouse Ichiriki Teahouse  Kawamichiya Soba Cookie ShopKawamichiya Soba Cookie Shop Shioyoshiken Sweets Shop in NishijinShioyoshiken Sweets Shop in Nishijin Keigetsudo Confectionery ShopKeigetsudo Confectionery Shop

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