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The city of Kyoto is said to have over 1,600 Buddhist temples. It is also home to the head temples of various Buddhist sects, including the Pure Land Buddhism headquarters at Chion-in as well as Nanzenji, Tofukuji and other Zen school head temples.

One of the noteworthy characteristics of Zen temples, I think, is the neutral atmosphere. Unlike many other religious structures that evoke a sense of dignity, the gardens and architecture of a Zen temple always makes me feel calm. Indeed, walking around a Zen garden so natural can they appear that one starts to wonder if a person really designed the garden at all and that the garden didn’t just naturally come into being like that.

Ginkakuji GardenGinkakuji Garden

Maple Leaves at Ginkakuji TempleMaple Leaves at Ginkakuji Temple Ginkakuji Gate at DuskGinkakuji Gate at Dusk Sanmon Gate, Chion-in TempleSanmon Gate, Chion-in Temple The Slope of Women, ChioninThe Slope of Women, Chionin Paper Lantern, Chion-inPaper Lantern, Chion-in Nanzenji Sanmon Gate in SummerNanzenji Sanmon Gate in Summer Chishaku-in GateChishaku-in Gate

Higashi HonganjiHigashi Honganji Higashi HonganjiHigashi Honganji Higashi HonganjiHigashi Honganji ShinsenenShinsenen ShinseninShinsenin SanjusangendoSanjusangendo Yasaka TowerYasaka Tower

Yasaka PagodaYasaka Pagoda Sennyuji Gravel PathwaySennyuji Gravel Pathway Gozasho Palace, Sennyuji TempleGozasho Palace, Sennyuji Temple Gozasho Stone Garden, Sennyuji TempleGozasho Stone Garden, Sennyuji Temple TofukujiTofukuji Daisen-in TempleDaisen-in Temple Zen Garden, Korin-in Temple Zen Garden, Korin-in Temple Zen Garden, Korin-in Temple Zen Garden, Korin-in Temple

Yasaka PagodaYasaka Pagoda Kinsuitei, NagaokakyoKinsuitei, Nagaokakyo Young Maple Leaves at Kinsuitei, NagaokakyoYoung Maple Leaves at Kinsuitei, Nagaokakyo ShisendoShisendo Mimurotoji Temple in UjiMimurotoji Temple in Uji Mimurotoji Sanju-no-toMimurotoji Sanju-no-to Yorakuen Garden (Mimurotoji)Yorakuen Garden (Mimurotoji)