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 Main Hall of Sanjusangendo Temple

This surprisingly long wooden verandah belongs to the Tendai School Buddhist temple of Sanjusangendo (which means a hall with 33 bays). Officially named Rengeo-in, the temple was originally built in 1164. The main hall was then rebuilt in 1266 after a fire occurred in 1249. The hall is 120-meters (nearly 400 feet) long.

Even more breathtaking is what appears inside the hall. Like a forest of Buddhist statues, there are literally a thousand of life-size Kannon statues each with 40 arms and 11 faces lined up from one end of the hall to the other. And in the middle of the hall is a 3-meter tall statue of the Thousand Armed Kannon created by the Kamakura-era sculptor Tankei. Here, one can truly imagine being in the Buddhist paradise.

Main Hall of Sanjusangendo(c) Designcraft